Amida – brand identity In 1976, Amida debuted its Digitrend at Baselworld, shaking up traditional watchmaking with its futuristic style. Now, in 2024 the Swiss brand is back with a modern take on its iconic timepiece. The new Digitrend Take-off Edition maintains the original’s sleek design, housed in a stainless steel case inspired by futuristic […]


CORDUSIO – Red berry aperitivo Casa Franceschetti is a Italian American luxury beverage company specialising in spirits and vermouth products. The founder, Chris Tanca, is a passionate scholar and lifestyle connoisseur, motivated by an innate creativity and culture of ingredients and history of the international beverage industry. Casa Franceschetti turned to Lettergram with the aim […]

Y-3 CHAPTER 1 / SS23

Y-3 CHAPTER 1 / SS23 Yohji Yamamoto continues his path with Adidas presenting part 1 – SS23. For the first chapter of its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Y-3 explores the concept of “Artisan Codes of Sport” disrupting elegance with a series of daring garments, footwear, and accessories. Continuing a lineage of renegade dynamism, reinterprets the quintessential […]


ARBOREA On the coast of Sardinia there is a special place called Arborea, where the heat of the sun, the fresh air of the sea, the rich variety of fodder and herbs, and the passion and care of the farmers create a perfect “oasis” for cows. Arborea’s delicious milk is high-quality, with an authentic taste, […]


DEPANCEL – LEGEND 60’S Depancel is compose of passion, creativity, and perseverance. Anyone can do anything and reach their highest ambitions. Depancel imagined its first chronograph equipped with a hand-wound movement, ​​an essential requirement for purists of fine watchmaking. The collection is inspired by the F1 races of the 60s. Lettergram defined the creative direction […]


TENUTE TOZZI Tenute Tozzi is a family-run winery that makes genuine and authentic wines. The vines on the estate at Casola Valsenio, along the Romagna Chalk Vein, and those in Castiglione di Sicilia, at the foot of Mount Etna, are explored together, demonstrating the similarities in farming and winemaking. Tenute Tozzi is a story about […]


NANIE Nanie is a high-quality food delivery service that will deliver lunch to you wherever you want it. Taste, sustainability, and open communication with customers and suppliers are key to their purpose. With Nanie, the ritual of lunch becomes an act of love towards oneself and the world; in fact, the simple and tasty dishes […]

Montecarlo Automobiles

MONTECARLO AUTOMOBILES Montecarlo Automobiles was founded by the legendary driver and engineer Fulvio Maria Ballabio in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, the cradle of automotive culture and luxury. The Company’s mission has been to set new standards in the hyper-car industry, both in terms of performance and engineering. A commitment that has been renewed […]

Bershka x DPG

BERSHKA X Dark Polo Gang Bershka launches a new collaboration with the Italian group DARK POLO GANG. Since their appearance on the music scene in 2014, DPG has become hugely influential for younger generations, but not only in the world of music, they have also become trendsetters for ground breaking urban style. The pieces in […]


SANS Growth is learning to do without. SANS by Christina Paik is a reflection of this growth. Without logos, without pretension, without rules, SANS is created with you in mind. This is a collection of essentials, bare enough in design to feel classic but bold enough in detail and function to feel new and unexplored. […]