Amida - brand identity

In 1976, Amida debuted its Digitrend at Baselworld, shaking up traditional watchmaking with its futuristic style. Now, in 2024 the Swiss brand is back with a modern take on its iconic timepiece. The new Digitrend Take-off Edition maintains the original’s sleek design, housed in a stainless steel case inspired by futuristic sports cars. Like its predecessor, it features a unique light-reflecting display for timekeeping.

To mark its revival, Lettergram teamed up with Amida, crafting a bespoke strategy for a unique identity for a unique product. This collaboration combined entrepreneurial insight with a keen eye for design and branding.

Lettergram successfully guided the creation of the pillars and presence of the entire brand, with the aim of creating a new, recognisable and unique visual identity capable of embracing the heritage of the space age, the culture of the famous architects and designers of the 1960s, and the uniqueness of futuristic sports car design.

The creative direction included various phases. From a design perspective, Lettergram took care of the visual identity: branding, typographic system, colors, visual system and art direction. For communication: tone of voice, art direction, visual and narrative style, website and social media.


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