CORDUSIO - Red berry aperitivo

Casa Franceschetti is a Italian American luxury beverage company specialising in spirits and vermouth products. The founder, Chris Tanca, is a passionate scholar and lifestyle connoisseur, motivated by an innate creativity and culture of ingredients and history of the international beverage industry.

Casa Franceschetti turned to Lettergram with the aim of imagining and conceiving a new brand, entirely natural and B-Corp, to be produced in Italy, which would represent the new contemporary sensibility and satisfy the tastes of today’s market.

Lettergram collaborated with the management to conceive a unique, custom strategy, to deliver a high-quality identity and brand new product. This partnership fused the entrepreneur expertise with a refined sensitivity for design and branding.

Through the creation of Cordusio’s imagination, a new world is born, which unites Italian history and international taste, in a fixed event, that of the Milanese aperitif, in which the square of each city is the center of every meeting. The identity of the territory meets the modernity and freshness of natural ingredients, and an international taste.

Lettergram successfully guided the creation of the pillars and presence of the entire brand, with the aim of a new identity capable of encompassing the Italian spirit of design, the culture of the aperitif typical of the Milanese lifestyle, the tradition and the roots Italians of 1920.

The creative direction included various phases, ranging from market positioning, brand values, identification of the brand personas, brand mission, brand vision, tone of voice, and above all the naming concept. From a design perspective, Lettergram took care of the entire visual identity: logo, branding, typographic system, colors, visual system and art direction. From a product point of view: label design, industrial design of the bottle, materials, colors and finishes, development and production coordination.
For communication: tone of voice, art direction, visual style and narrative style.


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