TENUTE TOZZI Tenute Tozzi is a family-run winery that makes genuine and authentic wines. The vines on the estate at Casola Valsenio, along the Romagna Chalk Vein, and those in Castiglione di Sicilia, at the foot of Mount Etna, are explored together, demonstrating the similarities in farming and winemaking. Tenute Tozzi is a story about […]


DEPANCEL x JÜRGERN CLAUSS The brand philosophy of Depancel is simple: “Have the courage to have no regrets.” With passion, creativity, and perseverance, anyone can do anything and reach their highest ambitions. Together, racing driver Clauss and Depancel developed the “Jurgen Clauss” collection, whose design was guided by Clauss’ love of automobiles and desire to […]


BLUE LAGOON Blue Lagoon is a new cosmetic brand inspired by the same-named Icelandic geothermal area. BL+ blends the power of nature and science to create high-performance solutions that optimize skin health over time, from the depths of the earth to the depths of your skin. The brand offers a wide range of products infused […]


ARTICA Introducing Artica, a mesmerizing beauty brand that draws inspiration from the ethereal and captivating beauty of the Arctic. Rooted in the wonders of this pristine region. The identity of Artica is inspired around a seamless blend of elegance and minimalism, echoing the clean and pure aesthetics of the Arctic. A immaculate white color palette […]