The brand philosophy of Depancel is simple: “Have the courage to have no regrets.” With passion, creativity, and perseverance, anyone can do anything and reach their highest ambitions. Together, racing driver Clauss and Depancel developed the “Jurgen Clauss” collection, whose design was guided by Clauss’ love of automobiles and desire to showcase his driving enthusiasm. The two chronograph pushers on this watch are circular-grained to resemble two pistons, and the hour markers are an eye-catching blue and green which are inspired by a car dashboard dial. On the other hand, the leather design on the strap was driven by the seats of a sports car. Beginning with the logo and fonts, Lettergram defined the creative direction for the visual identity before defining the photographic imagery, which was motivated by the colors and mood of the Alpine automobile.  In order to produce a distinctive and classic user interface, the creative concept was also applied to the website’s design.


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