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Nomad Society is a new brand of footwear that encourages you to explore, meet and discover with the confidence of a comfortable and quality product on your feet. Incredibly lightweight and with an innovative and distinctive tread, Veloce is the brand’s first sneaker, entirely handmade in Italy with animal-free materials.

With the aim of creating a new identity capable of uniting all wanderers and travellers in the same family, Lettergram guided the creation of the pillars and the presence of the Nomad Society brand. The creative direction involved several phases, ranging from market positioning, brand values, identification of brand personas, brand mission, brand vision, tone of voice and, most importantly, the naming concept.

From a design perspective, Lettergram took care of the entire visual identity: logo, branding, typographic system, colours, visual system and art direction. From a product point of view: industrial design of the shoe, label design, packaging design, selection of materials, colours and finishes, development and production coordination. For the communication: tone of voice, art direction, visual style, narrative style and shooting production.

It was a 360-degree job that ensured excellent consistency throughout the project: made to explore, born Nomad.


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