MAHMOOD INUYASHA The Zegna Spring/Summer 2023 collection titled “Born in Oasi Zegna” took place as part of Milan Fashion Week at Casa Zegna. It featured the work of Alessandro Sartori and Mr. Bailey, a prominent shoe designer. The show featured a new vision of sartorial menswear that was embodied by the new design of the […]

Marco Mengoni No Stress

Marco Mengoni no stress No Stress is an energetic and vital hymn, an invitation to find your own space and your own ritual, which takes us away from the frenzy in which we are immersed to create what could almost be our very personal mantra, which gives positivity and allows us to recharge. the batteries. […]

Sfera Ebbasta Italiano

SFERA EBBASTA ITALIANO Sfera Ebbasta Italiano is the new album of the most famous Italian trapper, using a revolutionary concept to share one’s origins. Sfera Ebbasta rose to prominence in 2014, after the release of the XDVR album, recorded with the collaboration of the record producer Charlie Charles, which achieved commercial success in Italy. This success […]